Good Start, Bad Start

Before the workshop

It’s the third year, we’re back and better than ever!

Before the first workshop with Adam, myself, Samantha and AJ went away and began brainstorming topics of interest using markers to create mindmaps. This was a simple exercise to get us thinking about possible avenues of research and ultimately shake off the summer cobwebs from our pesky little brains.

Using different coloured markers, we set ourselves a time limit of ten minutes and tried to brainstorm as many things as we could that we found interesting. At the end of the ten minutes, we had three different mindmaps. We then swapped over and used our respective coloured markers to underline any topics of interest that we shared or anything that perhaps we had missed out on our own mindmaps that we find interesting.

Our initial mind maps (Jen: Blue, AJ: Green, Samantha: Red)

Good Start, Bad Start

We then had a ‘Good Start, Bad Start‘ workshop with Adam. The aim of this workshop was to generate lots of mindmaps and possible starting points for individual research. In groups, we began to consider whether topics of interest that had been written down had any researchable qualities to them.

This workshop involved lots of mind mapping and rapid idea generation. We used methods from ‘How to have Great Ideas’ by John Ingledew to create large branching mindmaps in six different topics:

What makes you: Laugh, Cry, Angry, Excited, Interested, Intellectually Stimulated?

In a group (Myself, AJ and Samantha) we had to brainstorm six different categories. My personal lists can be found under ‘What makes me?’


Other Idea Generation Techniques

After working as a group to consider what might be a good start and a bad start, we went away with a theme in mind and began brainstorming avenues of research surrounding that topic as a group. We chose conspiracy theories as it was something all three of us found interesting, yet we didn’t think to add it to our own list of interests.

As a group we started to consider avenues of research from the word conspiracy theories. A list of other relevant topics and questions that could be asked.
Using three thumbnail drawings to convey a theme. My theme was Space Travel. Second Years came in and gave their opinion on what they thought the topic could be. Answers for mine included: Space, exploration and colonization.