Initial Game Ideas

Single player card game

Single player games played with a deck of cards:
Wish Solitaire
Devil’s Grip
Napoleon at St. Helena
Streets and Alleys
Spider Solitaire
Clock Solitaire
Forty thieves 
La Belle Lucie



Construction and Management

The player acts as a ‘god’ and is responsible for growth and strategy

Gameplay elements:
Economic challenges
Goals to complete

City-builder (eg. SimCity, Age of Empires, Cities Skylines, Utopia)
Theme park management (eg. Roller Coaster Tycoon, Planet Coaster, Parkitect)
Colony management (eg. Dwarf Fortress, Rimworld)
Business Tycoon (eg. Capitalism, Transport Tycoon)



Text-based adventure

Interactive fiction
Roleplaying elements
Gamebook? Choose your own adventure
Use text input to control the game

Escape Room

Idle Game


Andy notes

When you talk about cults I think of people wanting to leave.
Why do people join cults?

maybe take some concepts from cults and work ideas around that.
utopian cities
Talk to cult charities – maybe they can sponsor?
How are people radicalised
maybe pitch it as a serious game?

look at the circle
Idea of popularity
The Game 1997

The cult of a game? fanbase? following type thing?

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