Creating a Story


Story Idea One: The Sacred Tree/Sacred Grove

This story centres around the idea of ‘The Sacred Tree’. This idea originated with the Assyrians of Mesopotamia. The Trees represented a fertility or vegetation goddess. In the old testament, the tree was made from wood and adorned in precious stones and bunting. In many parts of the world, travellers have observed the custom of hanging objects upon trees in order to establish some sort of a relationship between themselves and the tree. These are known as Wish trees. Wish trees usually stand in a protected Sacred Grove.


Story Idea Two: Santa Muerte (Lady of Holy Death)

A violent and often bloody take on cultism. Originated in central America. Consider the Aztecs, Zapotecs, Toltecs, and others. Usually, human sacrifice is needed in this type of cult. The ancient gods have a distinct taste for blood.

BeFunky-collage (1)

Story Idea Three: Voodoo Zombies

Centres on the invocation of ancestral spirits. Which are called upon for good or evil? One of the most notable elements of Voodoo is ‘The Zombie’. It is believed that a zombie-like state could be achieved through sorcery. Voodoo also involves exorcisms and healing rituals. This might include singing, dancing, drumming, or the sacrifice of an animal.

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Story Idea Four: Black and White Magic/Witches

Wicca, at its basis, is a mystery cult requiring initiation and a path of personal fulfilment while developing psychic or magical abilities

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